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are your wedding leads ghosting you?

Turn Your Leads Into Clients!

Closing The Consult


Five Fourteen Photography

Can you honestly say you are CONFIDENT  in 'selling yourself ' to your wedding leads?!

It's time to say goodbye to all those nerves, doubts, and insecurities!

  • I get nervous talking to potential wedding clients, I clam up and have no idea what to even say or how! 
  • My leads are not responding back to me! 
  • I don't want to be pushy or intrusive!
  • I have no idea when to schedule a consultation or how, even! Is it that important anyway?
  • I often catch myself typing or saying "I hope to hear back from you"!  because I'm too nervous to just ask them to book with me!

Do any of these statements sound familiar ...

You know how to take amazing photos but frustrated when couples aren't booking with you after they've inquired with you?!

Does This Sound Like You?

If this sounds like you, join the waitlist and get my free consult conversation starter guide, too!

Learn how to lead your wedding client consults with confidence!

Host consults that are more personable and less transactional - leading to increased bookings!

Give your potential wedding client a friendly feeling that relaxes them and allows them to envision you as their photographer!

Inside this FREE GUIDE you will:

A free personable guide to get the coversation started

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Did you say "Easy-to-follow, honest and non-pushy"?! Yes, Please! 

Hi friend, I'm  Jess, the big dreamer behind Five Fourteen Photography.  Coming from a sales background and jumping headfirst into the wedding photography world - my business surely didn't explode because of talent. To be honest, those early wedding experiences were full of "spray and pray" shots (you know what I mean?). But what I did know: How To Confidently Sell Myself despite my lack of  wedding experience! 

In January of 2016 I presented at a bridal show with only one friend's wedding under my belt and having only ever been in my own wedding. That's right, I had ZERO WEDDING EXPERIENCE !  By my SECOND YEAR I was full-time photographing 40+ weddings a year and some of those with very healthy budgets ($50-100k)! By MY THIRD YEAR I was turning away more inquiries than I was taking and was able to increase my prices to above industry standard in my area. 

Ok, Jess, but how?!  The answer is: I knew how to sell myself!  Over a 20 year span I've been in sales for some amazing companies; I've sold timeshares, market-specific CRM software during the Great Recession (hard, y'all), and I left a high-producing sales position at AT&T before starting Five Fourteen. From each of my experiences I inherited a great deal of sales knowledge, expertise, and most importantly, CONFIDENCE in selling myself.  From in person sales to cold calling (gasp!); I've done it all!  Now, I'm on a mission to help other wedding photographers grow their business with purpose and in rapid time! 

I've taken everything I've learned (both the good and the bad) and developed a joyful sales process for wedding photographers that is easy-to-follow, honest and not pushy at all!  You can think of it as, "Feel-Good Sales"!

I Built A Full-Time Wedding Photography Business In Less Than 2 Years With ZERO EXPERIENCE!

A Little About Me


Five Fourteen Photography

atlanta + North Georgia


Five Fourteen Photography

atlanta + North Georgia